So Far…

The blog is slowly but surely getting somewhere. I hope that more and more Dizzians visit this blog and post their stories and everything. I’m projecting a video with a ton of Dizzywood pictures that I’m getting from videos on Youtube. Then I’ll be posting it to Youtube and maybe others will find it? I don’t know. 🙂 Also, is there any way to subscribe to Dizzywood’s blog? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? o.O

-Katniss EvadeeeeeenImage

Former Dizzians: If You’re Reading This, Hi :)

So… it’s been about three whole years since the site we all knew and loved (Dizzywood) was shut down permanently. Bring in the sighs and the reminiscing, am I right?

Anyways, I’ve seen many former Dizzians checking back on the Dizzywood blog, asking if Dizzywood will ever return or sometimes BEGGING for it to come back. But, sadly, guys, it isn’t. 😦

Here’s the thing:

This whole situation is somewhat like a “don’t-realize-what-you-had-until-you’ve-lost-it” sorta situation. We had Dizzywood. We had that amazing site for, what, four years? We had the chance to stay on it. We had the chance to allow it to continue it’s legacy. But we didn’t give it that benefit. As far as I’m concerned, many “Dizzians” left the site MONTHS prior to its closing in January of 2011. Most of them, if not all, went to a different site called “ourWorld” which I’m sure almost everyone is familiar with, whether you’ve been on it or not. Why it happened? I have no idea. Perhaps you people got tired of visiting Dizzywood, or perhaps it just costed too much. Whatever the case, you left, and well, due to that, the DW team had no choice but to shut down because of its incline of users.

Enter Secret Builders! You, a former Dizzian from three years ago, decide to take a trip down Memory Lane by visiting your childhood site, perhaps wondering if your buddies still get on so you can all catch up. But then you are directed to the BLOG which says that Dizzywood has been closed down. WHAT?!?!?!11!!1 So, you click that famous green “Play Now” button, hoping to yourself that it isn’t true, and are sadly brought to a site called You see the avatars: “Eww. What are these? Munchkins? Some sort of chubby creatures? Ewwwww.” And then, if you aren’t the Dizzian that got the heck out of that site faster than the “running” emote Dizzywood used to have, then you might have tried it out since you just SO BADLY miss your childhood DW group. Then you log on using your DW account info, and see that your entire buddy list has been wiped and then, your heart. Ha.

Well, unfortunately, that’s all there is to it. You’ve lost your childhood friends– the only ones who you feel could understand your problems during your now-teenage life; the problems that your real-life-friends just don’t seem to understand or even care about for that matter. Then, if you’re like me, you enter a state of sadness. Boo.

That’s where this blog comes in! Remember Dizzywood is a blog dedicated to ALL former Dizzians who have lost their friends! So that we can all catch up and stuff. Of course, if you happened to find this blog, then you probably don’t feel very satisfied with how your life is now that you’re no longer a child like your were on DW, am I right?

So, if you happen to know anybody that used to be on Dizzywood that seems to be searching for their friends or just a revival of DW, even if you DON’T know them, then PLEASE, direct them to this site. Maybe, together, we can possibly convince the DW staff to bring it back? If not for us, for those poor souls on Secret Fat Builders who never got to experience the loveliness that Dizzywood was.


If you stumble upon this blog, know I’ll be posting on it almost daily for at least a year so that I can give Dizzians a chance to find it. If no one seems to care, then I’ll stop after that. But I’ll be creating other pages like “Dizzians I Knew” or “Former Dizzians’ Stories” and etc.


Now, my name is not Katniss, but for now, it will be. So, yours truly, Katniss. 🙂