What is Remember Dizzywood?

Hi. This is basically just a blog to keep the legacy of Dizzywood alive! Former Dizzians can post the adventures they had on our “Your Dizzywood Story: Share it!” page or simply keep checking back on this blog to see our updates! You can also comment on posts anything you feel you want to express, and maybe your friends might see it and find you. We’ll be doing our best to find many former Dizzians so that way everyone can find their childhood friends. 🙂


3 thoughts on “What is Remember Dizzywood?

    • Thanks! And couldn’t agree more :/ It’s gonna be difficult but I am not going to give up. Have you noticed that lots of people seem to search Dizzywood even after so many years? I’m just hoping that when and if they do, they’ll find this blog and see active users that used to be former Dizzians (maybe someone they know) and they’ll be like “Hey! I found my friends! I’m gonna start visiting this blog!” Whether it’s a year from now or so on. I’m planning on making a Dizzy Chat page like a forum thing so former Dizzians (even ones that didn’t know each other on DW) can talk so that way I can keep this thing alive…

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